Baptisms & Confirmations

To officially become a member in the Episcopal Church persons are confirmed or received by the bishop, representing the whole church. This usually happens after a receiving instruction. To be confirmed is to renew the baptismal vows made as infants on their behalf. To be received is appropriate for members who have been confirmed in another church, or baptized as adults in a different church and want to become members in the Episcopal Church.​
Baptism are performed for adults and infants who are members of the chuch. Membership in the church is defined by regular attendance and support of the ministry of the church. Baptisms are scheduled at specific feasts/celebrations during the regular church service. They are: Easter Vigil, Day of Pentecost, All Saints’ Day (or the Sunday after All Saints’ Day), Feast of the Baptism of Our Lord (the First Sunday after the Epiphany) and when a bishop is present.