Social Justice


Connecting Holy Faith members and resources to community campaigns for justice and peace, the JAMS ministry joins in the fight against poverty with the Clergy United for Economic Justice (CLUE), the Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy (LAANE), 9to5 Working Women, California Partnership, and the national Interfaith Worker Justice Center in campaigns for:

  • Raising the minimum wage, state and national. 
  • Winning living wages and supporting the right to organize for hotel, grocery, retail, domestic, and service workers across our city.  JAMS often brings workers into Sunday services to give personal testimony and ask for  support.
  • Advocating for government safety net policies to end poverty through letter-writing and telephone campaigns, rallies, legislative visits, and educational programs.

JAMS also organizes informative community educational programs, provides non-partisan voter education and registration, and raises funds that support local organizations like St. Margaret’s Community Center and church missions in Haiti. 

Holy Faith participates in the community-wide interfaith “CROP Hunger Walk” every spring, in an effort to educate and raise funds to end hunger in our local community and throughout the world.  The CROP Walk began in 1948 and is sponsored by Church World Service.

Currently, JAMS is active in the Uplift Inglewood Coalitiona group of residents, businesses, faith groups, and community organizations working together to ensure that the vision of Inglewood’s future includes and benefits everyone; and LA Voice, a multi-racial, multi-faith community organization that awakens people to their own power, training them to speak, act, and work together to transform our County into one that reflects the dignity of all people.

For more information about JAMS, please contact JAMS Chair Cathy Deppe at